Farmer Training-FSPN Africa

As part of our implementation plan to eradicate the Hunger with the grassroots Smallholder farmers , FSPN-Africa runs a project at Githunguri Village, Kiambu County which looks at engaging more youths into Agriculture along different sectors in the value chain.

The objectives of agricultural sector strategy have been increasing agricultural growth, seen as important for increasing rural incomes and ensuring equitable distribution. Due to limited availability of high potential land, it has been envisaged that increasing agricultural production will have to come from intensification of production through increased use of improved inputs, diversification especially from low to high value crops, commercialization of smallholder agriculture, and increased value addition through stronger linkages with other sectors. Including:
• Emphasis on irrigation to reduce over-reliance on rain-fed agriculture in the face of limited high potential agricultural land.
• Encouraging diversification into non-traditional agricultural commodities and value addition to reduce vulnerability.
• Encouraging the use of natural resources to promote environmental sustainability.
In the following sections, FSPN works with relevant stakeholders to develop and see the successful implementation and transition of food produce from the farm to the fork accompanied with record keeping and financial management sessions. This is to ensure the farmer gets their rightful due and improved livelihood. We consequently offer nutrition information sessions since over the years it has been evidence that Food security does not always translate to Nutrition Security.