Joint Mkulima Open Week Exhibition

Various forms of malnutrition, including hunger, micronutrient deficiencies, and non-communicable diseases caused by unbalanced nutrition, threaten food security in Africa.

To address these challenges, there is a need to revamp the development of novel crop varieties, the utilization of orphan crops with high nutritional value, and the diversification of cropping systems and food processing technology.

FSPN Africa through the HealthyDiets4Africa Living Lab Kenya, funded by the European Union, partners with KALRO to empower and educate consumers on ingenious ways to incorporate underutilized foods into their diets. Additionally, we work with youth innovators by scaling their innovations to ramp up the tastes of underutilized foods, improving diversification, ensuring food safety, and meeting the nutritional needs of consumers.

Join us on 5-6 April 2024, at KALRO-NARL Kabete and learn more about the nutritional benefits of orphan foods to human health and life-changing innovations revamping the architecture of underutilized food crops.


Catalyzing sustainable agricultural and economic transformation through the promotion of climate-smart technologies, innovations and management practices.

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