7th Agrifin Learning Event

Smallholder farmers in Africa are affected by multiple stressors and shocks that negatively disrupt farming systems and consequently threaten farmers’ livelihoods. These stressors are caused by environmental and economic shocks. Economic shocks include those caused by conflicts that lead to failing agricultural markets. 

Environmental shocks include the effects of climate change that lead to the proliferation of disease incidences and pest infestation, such as the 2019 – 2021 desert locust invasion, droughts, and floods. In addition, smallholder farmers (SHFs) are heavily affected by pandemics such as Covid-19. The booming digital technology era provides a viable way to build farmers’ resilience to cope with the shocks. 

FSPN will be showcasing how we can better link nutrition, technology and resilience. Visit our booth to learn from Young Innovators about post-harvest management through value addition and improved recipes of our indigenous foods produced by SHFs. Additionally, you will get a chance learn howThe Shamba Calendar is linking farmers to support services and markets.

FSPN Africa is thrilled to be taking in 7th Agrifin Learning Event (ALE) part powered by Mercy Corps and hosted by the AgriFin. The aim of the event is to bring together stakeholders in the agricultural sector who are focused on leveraging digital technology, to drive the sector’s growth, and improve the lives of smallholder farmers.

See you then.