Healthy Diets: Need for Scaling Innovations by the Youth for Healthy Diets.

Scaling Agrifood system innovations to promote the consumption of indigenous orphan crops is critical today, it aligns well with the broader objectives of promoting sustainable agriculture, improving nutrition, and supporting young agripreneurs. At FSPN Africa we are committed to catapulting the indigenous crop value chains with potential health benefits on the trendy modern diet map.
Despite the huge benefits, most Africans have abandoned them in favor of Westernized diets that are frequently rich in processed foods and added sweets. Well, when it comes to diets, preference is one key driver to choosing a particular diet but socioeconomic factors and knowledge determine the choice of food we eat on a daily basis.

Recently through my casual study, urban environments typically offer greater access to processed and fast foods, which are often perceived to be more convenient. They symbolize the atmosphere of modernity. As generations change and cultural values evolve traditional African diets are often viewed as more suited to active, agrarian lifestyles and not for sedentary routines. Today I can confirm that the recipes for some of these diets have also eroded.

In the caravan of development, through our recent call for innovation, the youths are finding a nexus where they are part of the solution in revamping the landscape of our diets. In the highway of rapid changes in our interaction with diets, we must be cognizant that the future of our food systems needs to be left in the hands of those who are knowledgeable enough to seize opportunities that come with promoting healthy diets.

This forms the basis of the primary objective of the hashtag#HealthyDiets4Africa Program funded by the European Union. FSPN Africa with its partners is committed to acting as a springboard for engaging youths with their hands-on innovations in enhancing the utilization of indigenous African diets for sustainable health and conservation of the environment in our communities. We seek to achieve an advanced paradigm shift in our diets created by us for us and future generations. The young innovators are steering this enormous shift and need your valuable support now more than ever.

As an equal member of the group-youth, I cannot agree enough that, the youths are getting the job done; reshaping the narrative around the convenience of meals and utilization of indigenous orphan crops from production to consumption levels. “The vitality and creativity of youth are among a country's greatest assets” (FAO et al., 2009) and needs a synergetic approach to get innovations role out as long-term solutions to the triple burden of malnutrition in Africa.

The more young people remain in agriculture, the more innovation that will take place” (Betcherman and Khan, 2015,). With more collaborations, we have the muscle it takes to halt the vicious cycle of malnutrition and poverty.

Stakeholders with shared vision are invited to join us through the link 🔗 below

Healthy Diets 4 Africa Living Lab Launch