Healthy Diets 4 Africa

Combating Malnutrition in Africa Through Diversification of the Food System

Growing sustainable food systems by diversifying food systems


The more diverse the food system is, the easier it is to combat malnutrition and maintain biodiversity while reducing its environmental footprint. The EU-funded HealthyDiets4Africa project will focus on food security in Africa, which is struggling with various forms of malnutrition (hunger, micronutrient deficiencies and non-communicable diseases caused by unbalanced nutrition). The project is based on the central hypothesis that diversification of the food system helps to combat all forms of malnutrition while minimizing its environmental footprint. Specifically, it will monitor dietary diversity in eight African countries representing different regions. Based on the findings, the project will design communication and policy strategies to maximize outreach and impact of diversified food systems. Get in touch with us through info@fspnafrica.org to learn more

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