Stakeholder and Kick Off Workshop – HealthyDiets4Africa.

The HealthyDiets4Africa Project, Funded by the European Union, is designed to provide practical and innovative solutions tailored towards combating malnutrition in Africa through diversification of the Foods we consume. The food choices in the nexus are indigenous varieties which will be informed by food environment assessment outcomes, food safety and development of recipes to guide on the food preparation.

The workshop hosted by Makueni County, organized by, Kenyatta University supported by FSPN Africa, Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT will focus on two main areas; Development of complementary feeding recipes from the underutilized foods and Food Safety situation in Kenya, health burden, legal framework & information gaps on dietary exposure to three toxicants; Acrylamide, aflatoxins, heavy metals and health concerns.

To unpack information on Food Safety & Legislation there will be deep dive presentation and discussion on the role of KEBS in ensuring safe food is the Kenyan markets.

Furthermore, this workshop will reveal nutrition status among children under-five years in Makueni County, factors promoting/hindering healthy diets in the community (including food environment factors) and developing of complementary feeding recipes in low resource setups to incorporate neglected and underutilized foods in children’s diets.