Agile Action on Food Systems: Unveiling the Impactful Journey of HealthyDiets4Africa Living Lab in Kenya.

Last year on 19th day of October 2023, was an outstanding event that imprinted into the record of FSPN Africa's history: the official inauguration of the European Union Funded project HealthyDiets4Africa (HD4A) Living Lab took place at the KALRO FARMING, Kabete.

This marked the kickoff of a promising venture aimed at revolutionizing food systems, ensuring the availability of safe and nourishing diets for everyone. To harness the realization of the project implementation and drive outstanding impact in 2024, we are working with partners across different sectors as, KALRO FARMING , Kenyatta University, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIATBusiness Acceleration for Young Entrepreneurs in Africa (BAYE Africa) and European Union, funding partners among others embedded in research, private and public sectors.

The Living Lab's core objective is to inspire young innovators and researchers to conceive and scale up novel solutions for proficient indigenous food production, processing, and the widespread adoption of these food sources.

FSPN Africa and Business Acceleration for Young Entrepreneurs in Africa initiated a mentorship program, that has been running for over two months now and we are glad for the impressive progress made so far through boot for 31 innovators.

This program is already into the deep dive assessing the innovators progress and enabling amplify their innovations through comprehensive business development training and coaching.

Noteworthy, to nurture these young changemakers there is need to foster more connections with both public and private sectors, research institutions, and youth-led initiatives where they can explore more avenues to realize their full potential and garner more resources to scale up their enterprises.

Therefore, we will be highlighting innovations by these young enthusiastic innovators, exploring a share of their stories, motivation and progress so far. Stay tuned!